Rug Cleaning and Repairs


As both a wholesaler and a retail outlet we are closely involved in ensuring the high quality of our stock and also with providing accurate advice on cleaning, repair and maintenance of our products,

Hand-made, Persian or Oriental rugs are professionally cleaned here in Sydney Metropolitan area. Rugs Wholesale focus on the care of hand-made rugs. Properly cared for our rugs can last for generations

We alos offer maintenance on all our quality contemporary range

Your handmade rug should be washed at least every seven years to remove dirt deep in the pile and lingering odours that regular vacumming cannot remove.

Now that spring is coming. are your rugs due for cleaning? We can help now with washing, deodourising and repairs.


We have extensive knowledge of how to care for and clean all kinds of rugs including valuable antique rugs and carpets. This means that we know first -hand which treatment is best for each kind of rug.

Have peace of mind knowing your rugs are in the hands of professionals who will give them the respect they deserve.

It is important to seek reliable advice quickly in the case of potential stains caused by food, wine, pets or other chemicals. So please feel free to call for advice as soon as possible.

As rugs and carpets are used they accumulate dust into the strands and fibres. With each person walking on the rug or carpet, dust and other particles are pressed deeper into the weave causing them to become compressed and stick to each other.

The material caught between the strands and fibres then accelerates the wear on the carpets and rugs. It is important that a rug is thoroughly cleaned at regularly throughout its life as fine dust can settle in the foundations causing them to become hard and brittle.

Rug cleaning professionals know why normal vacuuming is often not enough for rugs in high traffic areas.

Rug and carpet experts agree that the correct cleaning of Kilims and Rugs, performed professionally, leaves your home cleaner and healthier with the added benefit of the life span of the rug or carpet being increased.

Indeed one of the huge advantages of rugs over fitted carpets is being able to lift them and wash them thoroughly.

Even though your rug may look clean, even the normal settling of dust, dirt and grime is abrasive and will shorten the lifespan of all Rugs, Kiims and Carpets, especially antique rugs.

Domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners cannot remove all of the dust and foreign material. Excess suction can loosen the fibres of the carpet or damage the edgings. This can mean that the lifespan of rugs and carpets that are only cleaned by vacuuming is shortened.

To protect your investment it is also important to rotate the rug on the floor once a year so that all parts of your rug get equal amounts of foot traffic and light exposure. This will prevent uneven wear and preserve the value of the rug as it ages.

Rugs Wholesale Outlet can advise on care and conservation of all kinds of rugs. We can advise on minor or major repairs including fringe repair or replacement. In order to draw on our specialist knowledge of all stylrs of rugs,

it is recommended you seek our advice before any kind of cleaning begins. We will consult with you to decide how intensive a cleaning process should be as certain rugs (generally older pieces) are best given a gentler wash to maintain their integrity.

Minor repairs may also be suggested. Our experience means we notice the little things that can lead to major problems during cleaning..In order to achieve the best result, we check check for stains, colour fastness,

past repairs or previous restoration work and identify any current damage before commencing cleaning.


We recommend that you leave hand-knotted rug cleaning to professionals. We do NOT recommend that you attempt to clean silk rugs by yourself.

To protect your investment and help to make your Persian Rug, Kelim or Area Rug last generations, we recommend that rug cleaning professionals look after your rug regularly to prevent heavy soiling and damage.


Call now for an inspection and cleaning appraisal.